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Wedding and portrait Photographer based in Cape May. Traveling through NJ, PA, NY and beyond!

"My first memory of photography sounds a little silly. When I was really little, my parents would have get-togethers with friends from out of town; and always before they left, would ask if I could "try" to take a photo of them together. They'd hand me a cheap 35mm film camera, smile at my little hands wrapped around it as I squinted one eye and snapped a photo. They'd laugh, hug goodbye and hope for the best when the photos got developed at the drug store. Remember those days? And every time those photos came back, my mom would get a call from her friend. "I can't believe it! Its a perfect photo!" I'd beam with pride knowing that something as simple as taking a nice picture could bring someone joy. I've been chasing that feeling ever since.

For me, it's hard to say I'm just a photographer because I feel like we are more than that. I'm a memory preserver, a chaser of light, a creator of beauty, a new perspective. And you are more than just a client. You're an epic love, smiles I'll never forget, a unique subject. You are the other half of my art. My muse. Photography will always be a passion for me; I just so happen to be extremely lucky that it's also my job." - Nona

In 2013 Nona earned a BA in Integrative Media from Wilkes University, studying graphic design, web design, video design and fine art. During her time in college, she began practicing photography more frequently and began her business. With almost 10 years of portrait experience, in 2018 she went "all in" as a full time photographer. Now, exclusively a wedding/love story photographer, Nona is able to dedicate all of her attention to NMP wedding couples.

Meet Nona Martin

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