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What is a Client Closet?

This is a collection of pieces I've hand selected and purchased for my portrait clients to borrow for their session. There is no extra cost; this is complimentary to any private portrait session. Simply let me know in advance if you are interested in any pieces and I will bring them to your session, All of these pieces were chosen specifically because their colors, textures and style are flattering and compliment the NMP look and editing style. Feel free to combine these pieces with your own items and accessories or borrow some of ours!

Please feel free to contact with any questions about sizing, fit, materials, colors etc. We're happy to provide additional details to see if a piece would be a good fit for you. As you might notice, some pieces have a flexible size range. We also have clips (like those used in bridal shops) that can size down a dress and wont be noticeable during photos. Enjoy!


Off White.

Number One

Number Four

Forest Green | White Dots.

Number Seven

Champagne. Velvet | Maternity Bump Friendly.

Number Ten


Mustard Yellow